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Recipe: Gateau.
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My mother was a very good cook.
It left us some recipes, which finally I put on Internet...


Cut 4 bananas in the bottom of a salad bowl in fine washers. Melt 150 g of sugar in order to acquire a rather thick syrup, add 1 tablespoonful of curacao. Pour this syrup on bananas. Display 1 glass of cream over the top. Rasp bar of chocolate ½, dredge, serve frozen.


Recipe Ast.-1 glass of dry white wine - 1 glass of oil - 1 glass of sugar - 1 1 pq of vanilla sugar-1 pq of leaven - 1 kg of flour to Blend these ingredients. Paste should not be soft or too hard. put on plate, oven.


For pers 4. 70 g of plain chocolate in 70 %, 2 eggs, 30g of flour, 80g of sugar, 60g of butter, .Pour ramekins, 30g of butter, 1c in soup of flour. Spread with butter the inside of the 4 ramekins, put 5 mn in the refrigerator, dredge the inside of flour and go back to make fall the surplus. Break chocolate in pieces and made melt it in the bath marry. Out of fire, add the butter cut there petis pieces, blend to acquire a smooth cream. Whip whole eggs with the sugar so that mixture whitens. Pour the chocolate cream dessert, incorporate the flour delicately. Divide preparation in ramekins and put 1 h in the refrigerator. Preheat the oven in 210 ° and cook 10 mn.


Ann - Cecil school. Put the flour in a container, add ¼ of glass of oil of olive, 1 egg, 1 c s of sugar, salt, a little milk to move paste, 1 sachet of leaven, adjust with a little lukewarm water or milk; let rest 1 h.


For pers 4. - 100 grs of plain chocolate - 75 grs of butter - 65 grs of sugar - 25 grs of flour - 2 eggs - 60 grs of cerneaux of walnut - ¼ of spoon with coffee of cinnamon. Preheat the oven in 150 °. Melted the butter with very soft fire, not to boil it. Pour the butter into a salad bowl, add the sugar and blend. Let warm up. Break chocolate in pieces and fact to melt it in the bath - marries. Break 1 egg in mixture spread with butter sugar, then pour the half of the flour there, blend. Add the other egg then the rest of the flour and blend until paste is very smooth. Pour chocolate into paste and blend. Crush the cerneaux of walnut to reduce them in big crumbs. Add them in paste as well as cinnamon. Blend. Pour paste on the plate with pastry and put in the oven 30 mn about. Turn out of the tin the still hot brownie, deposit it on the gate and let warm up. Cut in squares of 3 cm aside about.


Recipe Barber. Rolled cookie: 2 yellow eggs, 2 eggs, 90 g of icing sugar, 90 g of powder of almonds, 70 g of flour, 4 whites of eggs, 60 g of sugar. Blend the powder of almond and icing sugar. Add yellow and eggs little by little by stinking to thicken. Take up whites in snow by sweetening semolina with the sugar. Blend the whole and add the flour. Display over 1 cm and cook in 160 ° 15 mn. Chocolate cream filling chocolate: Carry 100 g of whipping cream with boiling, pour her on 100 g of plain chocolate, rapé. Slick and reserve. Confectioner's custard: 125g of milk, 35 g of sugar, 2 yellow eggs, 10 g of cornflour, ¼ pod of vanilla, 30 g of butter. Boil the milk, vanilla, the butter. Blend the sugar and cornflour then add the yellow of eggs and pour 30 g of milk on mixture. Cook by moving slowly with a whisk. Sugared cream: work 150 g of butter up to consistency of an ointment. Add 100 g of praline and 100 g of grilled, peeled, crushed hazelnuts. Stink to go up well. Incorporate cooled down confectioner's custard in 2 - 3 steps. Syrup of coffee: 2 cups of sweet coffee. Technique of assemblage: Trim the mould of a sheet of paper sulfurisé (failing mould, use a bottle of water or plastic soda cut in vertical sense) .Retourner the cookie. The soaking of syrup of coffee in the brush. Display sugared cream. Intersperse crushed hazelnuts. Roll the cookie without gripping it too much. Deposit it in a mould then refrigerate 4 - 5 h turn out of the tin on a dish. Cover chocolate with chocolate cream filling lightly softened. Imitate wood by streaking with a fork. Decorate the log.


Recipe Koéberlé-1 °) 500 g of flour, 5 eggs, 100 g of butter, 50 g of sugar, 5 g of chemical leaven, 1 not treated lemon or 1 small glass of rum, salt, végétaline. Prepare the day before if possible. Put the flour in a salad bowl, add salt the sugar leaven eggs the zest of a rasped lemon or rum. Definitely knead and incorporate the butter in ointment, until paste is very smooth. Form a bowl and leave in the refrigerator all night. The following day to divide paste into 2 or 3 to spread it, to itemize it. Clear out these pieces of the surplus of flour with the aid of a brush. Deposit them in the frying, put them down then on some absorbing paper. 2 °) Mrs Jullien. 500g of flour, ½ packet of leaven, 125g of butter, 2 eggs, salt, 2 c. of oil, 1 cup of milk, 2 c, of sugar. 3 °) 500g of flour, 4 eggs, 125g of butter, salt, leaven bread to be melted in lukewarm milk. 4 °) 500 g flour 6 eggs, 200 g of butter. salt, sugar, perfume, leaven of bakery (recipe TV).


125 g of sugar, 125g of butter, 3 whole eggs, 160g of flour, ½ c s of Alsatian leaven, salt. Make mortify fruits confits the day before in rum. Blend the sugar with the well-blended butter. Add eggs 1 - 1, then flour, salt, leaven, and fruits confits that they will have run in the flour. Cook in a rather hot oven, then cover possibly with a kitchen foil. Recipe Barber. For pers 6. 180g of flour - 125 g of sugar semolina - 125 g of soft butter - 2 eggs - 150 g of fruits blended confits - 1 c. in coffee of leaven - 30 g of butter - Baking 35 mn. Cut fruits in cubes, put them in a bowl, add 1 c. to soup of flour and blend. Spread with butter the mould. Put the butter in a bowl, add the sugar, beat mixture 3 - 4 mn, add eggs one after another without ceasing whipping, incorporating the half of the flour, good blend before pouring the other half, adding fruits confits and blending. Put paste in the mould (or in pts paper moulds), put them in the oven 30 - 35 mn (filled and gilded)


Recipe Mrs Jullien. Suit for drink. Beat 1 c in the whisk, 150g of flour, in coffee of leaven, ¾ of glass of dry white wine, salt, pepper, nutmeg, 4 whole eggs, ½ glass of oil. Add without beating 200 g of Gruyère cheese, 200g of ham, 30 stoned green or black olives. Overturn into a mould with greased cake and put in hot oven 45 mn at 1 h (250 °) by watching baking. At the mi-baking they can cover with a kitchen foil to avoid that the top burns.. Turn out of the tin only cold.


Recipe Mrs Attal. For pers 8. 24 cookies in the spoon, 200g of purée of horse chestnuts, 120g of chestnut purée, 150g of cracks of frozen horse chestnuts, 5 c. in soup of whisky. 20 cl of cream. 2 gdes leaves of gelatine, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar. 100g of lump sugar, 10 g of butter, 1 c. in soup of icing sugar. Boil 10 cl of water with the lump sugar. Out of fire add 2 c. to soup of whisky, let cool down this syrup absolutely. Blend the purée and chestnut purée. Make soften the leaves of gelatine in some cold water. Drain then made melt them in 3 c. in soup of heated whisky. Add them to mixture. Whip very cold liquid cream in Chantilly cream with the vanilla sugar. Incorporate delicately in mixture. Dip cookies fast into syrup. Deposit them on the walls of a mould with charlotte spread with butter by gripping them and by turning their face thrust out towards the outside. Fill the mould of the half of preparation in horse chestnuts. Add other cookies. Recuperate besides with preparation. Type the bottom of the mould working schedule to cram well. Let rest in the fridge until the following day. Turn out of the tin at the time of serving. Decorate the surface of cracks of horse chestnuts and dredge with a voile of icing sugar.


Use a puff pastry, cook qq prunes to be reduced in cream, cut apples in edges, washers of banana, rasped walnuts, 2 c coffee of rum. Close the slipper by wetting edges, cross some yolk. Cook 25 mn in the oven.


2 eggs, 50g of butter, 75 g of flour, 1c in soup of sugar semolina, 30g of sugar in grains, 20 cl of water, salt. Preheat the oven in 150-180 °. Make a paste with cabbages with named ingredients. Form small bowls, deposit them on the plate. Put in the oven 15 mn and dredge them with sugar in grains.


1 °) For 4 pers .: 200 grs of plain chocolate - 100 grs of well-blended butter - 75 grs of russet sugar - 1 egg - 100 grs of flour - 50 grs of powder of almonds Preheat the oven in 200 ° - to Reduce chocolate in shaving with the aid of a knife - Whip the butter melted with the sugar until mixture bubbles - Add the egg, the flour, the powder of almonds and chocolate. Will you blend? Have small rather flat circles on the plate and cook in the oven 10 mn. Attention! cookies do not have to be overdone, otherwise they will be dry. 2 °) For 30 cookies - 450g of flour, 2 eggs, 200g of soft brown sugar, 150g of lump sugar, 200g of butter, 300g of plain chocolate, 1 sachet of chemical leaven, vanilla, salt. Melt the butter with very soft fire, let warm up, remove the thin coating which formed in the surface, overturn slowly into a bowl by looking after not to pour the white material which settled in the bottom of the saucepan... Break eggs, add the 2 sugars, salt, vanilla, beat forcefully. Incorporate the flour and leaven slowly. At the same time as the flour, add the clarified butter, alternate flour and butter. Break chocolate to acquire brightness which they blend in paste in the hand. Put in the fridge 30 mn. Oven in 240 °, take out paste, make a meatball, crush between palms, give evidence on the plate. Cook 10 mn.


For pers 4. 300g acidulous apples, 2 whites of eggs, 30g of icing sugar, 1 not treated lemon, 1 pinch of salt. Pick épépiner apples, cook them 10mn in the steam, reduce them in purée, let them cool down. Rasp the zest of the lemon. Take up the whites of eggs in firm snow with a pinch of salt. Incorporate icing sugar with the aid of a spatula, the pulp of apple and the zest of lemon. Divide in 4 cups and put 5 h in the refrigerator beforehand.


1l of milk, 8 eggs, 70g of flour, 4 c. in soup of sugar 3 for the caramel, 1 zest of lemon, 1 staff of cinnamon, 1 pinch of salt. Make brew the cinnamon in the milk and boil, rasp the zest of lemon in a saucepan, add the sugar, the flour and the yellow of eggs. Move with a whisk for getting of a white and sparkling mixture. Incorporate the milk slowly and blend. Put on fire, cook slowly by moving, stop as soon as it thickens. Overturn into a dish, let get cold. Display the sugar over the surface and brown in the grillroom or with a burned stem. Can be drinkable with a banyuls.


500 g of chocolate, 12 cl of cream. Slice thinly chocolate. Boil cream. Throw it on chocolate, blend. Let rest. Serve for sticking where to freeze cakes.


Recipe Noémie. Rest of meat - salad - 1 onion, parsley, salt, pepper - 1 egg - Gruyère cheese. Make whiten the salad, the spining. Hack and blend all ingredients. Make go back. Make salt pancakes. Trim the crèpes of joke. Put in the oven covered with sauce tomato, cream.


For pers 6. 500g of potatoes, ½ l of milk 3 c. in soup of flour, 3 whole eggs, 4 whites of eggs, 3 c. of cream, 400g of clarified butter, salt. Put cook the butter in a saucepan to eliminate water up to perfect clarification; foam in the course of baking; after baking decant and pass to Chinese to eliminate the grime of the butter deposited in the bottom of the saucepan. Cook picked potatoes in salted water and make a purée by adding a little milk. Let get cold. Add by working on the spatula 3 c. of flour, then whole eggs one after another, and the 4 not beaten whites. Crémer progressively and to move the whole without working too much until she has the consistency of a rather thick confectioner's custard. In gde fries to put some butter or oil, when it is very hot pour paste ¾ of c. (circles form alone). Go back with the spatula. 


Recipe Catherine. 38g of butter, 38g of almonds in powder, 38g of flour, 100g of sugar, ½ juice of orange (so big) otherwise a whole, zest possibly. Melt the butter and blend the whole, put in small heap in the oven in 225 °, cook 6 - 7 mn.
10 c in soup of flour, 8 c in soup of sugar, 3 whole eggs, 2 glasses of milk, salt, perfume. Spread with butter a dish, put fruits at the bottom (apples, prunes and dry grapes etc). Pour preparation, put in the hot oven.


1 kg of eggplants, 3 pods of garlic, 2 onions, 5 c in soup of oil of olive, 3 eggs, salt, pepper, thyme, laurel, parsley, one, few butter, wipes tomato.. Cut eggplants in thick edges, make them spew out. Drain and dry in a dishcloth. Put some oil in a casserole, add eggplants, onion, garlic, salt adds pepper to thyme laurel. Cook 30 mn. Beat eggs in omelette. Move and crush eggplants in the fork, pour beaten eggs and. Overturn into a mould and put cook in the oven in the bath - marry 30 mn. Serve tomato with a sauce.


A puff pastry, 75 g of butter, 75g of sugar has make whiten, top up 1 whole egg and 1 yellow, 75g of powder of almonds, 1c in soup of rum, then to put in the fridge. To make 2 lower by wetting edges on 2 cm, to put lower them to the congel. Before use. Make roundnesses as flower and brown. Let rest 1 h in the refrigerator or make the day before. Oven in 200 ° during 10 mn, then in 180 during 30 - 40 mn. Incise for the decor, a circle in the middle and make 4 holes for the chimney.


200 g of crumbled boudoirs, rum, kirschwasser or applejack, 50 in 100g of powder of almonds, 125g of plain chocolate, bitter, 100g of well-blended butter. Knead until they acquire a paste (top up a little milk if necessary). Roll this paste in the form of sausage. Put in two thicknesses of waxed paper, then encircle aluminium. Put 2 h in night in the freezer. Stand out in washers.


Recipe of Catherine 1 °) For pers 4. 125 grs cream - 4 tablespoonfuls of milk - 200 - 250 grs of plain chocolate. Boil cream Add the milk, do again boil. Add chocolate. Let rest 3 mn. Definitely move to make a paste Whip about twenty time and let rest 2mn. Put in mould and put in the fridge. (Recipe suits for truffles). 3 °) Other recipe Catherine. 200g of chocolate, 150g of butter, 4 eggs, 2 c has soup of flour, 125g of sugar. Melt chocolate in the butter. Add the yellow of eggs, the flour, the sugar and the whites in snow, salt. In a porcelain mould put 6 mn in very hot oven, if they want to turn out of the tin, cook 10 mn. 4 °) Recipe Barber. 3 eggs, 125g of chocolate, 125g of sugar, 75g of butter, 70g of flour, 5 c has s. of milk. Icing, 100g of chocolate. Melt 125g of chocolate cut in pieces in the milk. Break eggs by separating the whites of yellow. When chocolate is melted incorporate out of fire the butter, the yellow of eggs the sugar and the flour. Definitely blend. Take up whites in snow, pour preparation on whites. Cook in the oven in 200 ° during 20 mn. Prepare a wet dishcloth. Put down the mould over and turn the whole on the dish of service. Melt chocolate for icing with a bit from water to very soft fire. Divide this cream on the top and the sides of the cake. 5 °) Recipe Barber. 250g of plain chocolate, 8 eggs, 180g of sugar semolina, 50g of flour, 125g of butter. Icing, 180g of plain chocolate, 20cl of liquid cream, 20g of butter, icing sugar. To melt chocolate in the bath - marries, to add the butter in pieces, to withdraw some fire, to slick. Separate the whites of yellow, pour the sugar on yellow, stink. Beat whites. Pour yellow on whites, blend delicately. To add miscellany it chocolate spreads with butter, to incorporate it delicately then to add the flour. Put in the oven in 180 ° during 25 mn. Icing: Rasp chocolate finely. Bring to the boil cream, withdraw some fire, add rasped chocolate, by reserving 20g. Blend until chocolate is melted, to add the butter and to blend again. Glaze the cake, let harden, add rasped chocolate, drift with icing sugar. 6 °) Recipe Danone. 400 grs of plain chocolate, 250 g of butter, 2 c in soup of instant coffee, 130 g of lump sugar, 100 g of flour, 9 eggs. Melt in gentle heat chocolate and butter. Out of fire, add coffee, sugar, yellow of eggs and flour. Blend. Take up whites in snow, incorporate in the rest of preparation. Cook 20 mn in an oven in 150 °. The cake must be mellow in heart. 7 °) Recipe Progress. 6 eggs, 170 g of sugar, 180g of flour, 30 g of cacao, 40 g of butter to Beat eggs and sugar above a very light flame until the mass attains 40 °. Withdraw some fire, add the well-blended butter, the flour and cacao. Blend. Put in the oven in 200 ° during 25 mn. Let get cold and dredge with cacao as decoration. 8 °) Recipe magazine:200 g of chocolate, 200g of butter, 4 eggs, 4 lemons, 150g of sugar, 2 c of flour, 50g of chocolate in shaving. To melt chocolate and her butter in the bath - marries. Out of fire add the sugar, the yellow of eggs, the flour, the rapé d zest ’ 1 lemon and the juice of the 2 others. Incorpoez then the whites of eggs taken up in snow. Cook 40 mn in the oven th.5. Turn out of the tin 5 mn after the exit of the oven, decorate grated chocolate and washer of lemon. 


3 eggs, 150 g of sugar, 4 c in soup of hot water, 150 g of flour, 1 q of leaven, 2 c in soup of oil, fruits in the choice. Blend yellow d ’ eggs the sugar and water, very sparkling mixture. Add the flour leaven and oil. Beat whites in snow and incorporate them. Put fruits in the bottom of the mould, sweeten them and pour mixture. Put in the oven 30 mn.


3 eggs – 150g of sugar – 1 pinch of salt – 1 c in soup of rum – 150g of flour – 1 sachet of leaven – 150g of well-blended butter – 400g of cream of horse chestnut. Definitely blend, cook th.4, in small moulds daisy or tiny muffins.


80g of butter, 40g of flour, 45g hacked hazelnuts, 125g of lump sugar, 3 eggs, salt. Break eggs by separating whites. (yellow is used) take up whites in firm snow. Blend the sugar, the flour, the hacked hazelnuts. Melt the butter, pour it on preceding mixture by moving. Add whites in snow. Spread with butter the mould and pour preparation. Put in the oven 25 mn. Let get cold before turning out of the tin.


250 g of flour, 3 eggs, 60 g of lump sugar, 100 g of butter, 1 c in soup of cream, 2 c in soup of milk, 1 c in soup of water, 10 g of baker's leaven, 1 pinch of salt, 20 pink pralines. Take out the butter of the fridge. In a bowl blend the sugar, cream, the milk, the eggs and leaven. Incorporate delicately the soft butter then the flour. Turn paste by airing it, so as to have a homogeneous preparation. Pour this preparation into the spread with butter mould. Dip pralines into water and plant them in paste. Dredge the top of sugar, divide some small strips of butter. Cook in medium oven (200,210 °) 45 mn about. 


1 °) For pers 6. 1ou (2 pots) of natural yoghurt - 3 eggs - 2 pots of sugar (pot of yoghurt) - 1 pot of oil - 3 pots of flour - 1 spoon with coffee of chemical leaven - a little salt - butter and flour for the mould. (Preheat the oven in 190). break eggs by separating the whites of yellow. Put yellow and stink with the sugar, until mixture whitens. Add yoghurt and oil, and blend. Blend the flour and the leaven to be poured little by little into the first salad bowl Beat whites in snow, blend delicately. Spread with butter the mould, clean off and cook 25 mn. Let get cold before turning out of the tin. (Delightful with the preserve of whortleberries). 2 °) 1 yoghurt, 1 pot ½ of sugar, 1 pot of starch, 1/3 of the pot of oil, ½ p of powder of almond or other one, 1 sachet of Alsatian leaven, 3 eggs, white to beat in snow, 3 or 4 apples to be cooked ¼ h in the frying pan. Having blend ingredients, put in the oven 30 mn in 160 ° then 15 mn more warm. 3 °) Recipe Mrs Massoni. 1 yoghurt, 3 eggs, 3 pots of yoghurt of flour, ¾ of pots of oil 1 sachet of leaven, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar; 1 pot of sugar, rum, 1 sachet of nuggets of chocolate, either grapes or apples...


100 g of flour of corn that they blend with 200 g of sugar and a zest of lemon. Add 4 whole eggs, 2 c in soup of flower of orange tree, then pour 75 cl of hot milk. Delay the whole to boil ds saucepan by turning, withdraw from attained boiling. Spread with butter a dish on earth, pour hot preparation, put in the oven in 180 ° during 20 mn. Make go back 2 apples cut in edges in a spread with butter frying pan, make caramelize, then put apples on the cake as a pie and eat lukewarm.


¾ of full cream milk, boil with some vanilla. Beat 6 yellow of eggs with 180 g of sugar semolina, blend with the milk. Cook by turning in the form of 8 with a spatula (make a trait with the finger on the spatula to test baking). Cook whites in a mixture of milk and water.
For pers 8. 200g of almonds, 125g of sugar, 4 whites of eggs, salt. Crush almonds, add the sugar, the whites of eggs and salt; on the oily sheeting deposit spoons with coffee of this mixture. Cook 15 mn in an oven in 200 °


100g of flour – 100g of butter – 100g of sugar – 2 eggs – 1 lemon or other perfume such as walnut etc 1 pinch of salt, 1 c in coffee of chemical leaven. Rapez the half of the zest of lemon in a salad bowl. Break 2 eggs over, add 1 pinch of salt, the sugar and beat with the electrical whisk. Sieve 100 g of flour with leaven over. Blend with the spatula. Pour the well-blended butter little by little and let rest paste 2 h in a cool place. Put paste in moulds and clean off in hot oven.

ONE THOUSAND LEAVES OF APPLES (of Jean Pierre Coffe ds barber)

For 8 Pers.-Eplucher two kilograms of firm apples lightly acidulated in edges very
fine and very regular. - trim the bottom of a mould with charlotte of caramel (1 soupspoon of water
for 100 g of sugar) Smartness: take gloves thermally insulated to divide well in the bottom of the mould.
Leave refroidir. - On the caramel, dispose one in one the coats of apples.
- Every ten coats, to dredge with sugar and with cinnamon. Every time, support with the hand for tasser. good - Exceed the height of the mould about 7 cm. - to wrap very carefully of a big paper shirt alu. - to Put the mould in a big saucepan and to cook one hour in the bath - marries to fire doux. - At the end of one hour, to put the saucepan the mould in the oven and to do again cook in gentle heat during one hour. - let cool down, withdraw paper of alu, cover with a food film and put in the fridge during a journée. - Turn out of the tin, cut with a shovel with pie and serve with a custard and a white old Banyuls.


120 g of plain chocolate (54 %), to hack it put in the bath marries, and add 60 g of butter to this chocolate and withdraw some fire. Whiten a bit 3 whole eggs and 100 g of sugar. Pour eggs into chocolate, add 40 g of flour blend in the wooden spoon. Put in 4 throwaway, spread with butter and floured ramekins and fill in ¾. Put in the fridge 10 mn, or the day before. Wipe caramel 200g of sugar semolina with 3 c in soup of cold water, make heat up, when colour is attained put 50 g of butter in ointment. Stop fire, add 1dl of liquid cream (lifeless fire). Put softness 10 mn in the oven in 220 °. Turn out of the tin, wait that they fall, and put 2 c in soup of sauce around.


Recipe Barber. For pers 6. - 180g of plain chocolate, 4 eggs, 50g of butter, 15 cl of liquid cream, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar. To melt chocolate in the bath - marries without touch. To add the butter in pieces, to let melt and withdraw the bath - marries some fire. Pour cream into mixture and slick. Break eggs by separating whites, whip yellow until they whiten, to incorporate them in chocolate. Beat whites and add the vanilla sugar without ceasing beating. Pour the half of chocolate on whites, definitely blend, then pour the rest of chocolate. Put in the fridge. 2 °) Recipe of Progress. 200g of plain chocolate, 150 g of cream, 50 g of cacao, 5 eggs, 1 pinch of salt, 30 g of sugar. Heat cream, when it boils pour on crushed and moved chocolate until this last is melted. Blend the butter there before adding the yellow of eggs 1 - 1 by moving vigorously. Let rest. Take up whites having salted them a bit, then having added the sugar while beating. Incorporate slowly in chocolate by blending. Let take in the refrigerator during 12 h.


For pers 4. – 500g of raspberries, 100g of sugar semolina, 2 whites of eggs, 2,5 dl of whipping cream, 1 not treated orange, 1 c in soup of pink crystallized sugar, a bite of verveine citronella. Take a sample of fine zests of the orange, cook them 1 mn ds scalding water, drain, reserve. Pour ds a saucepan 1.5 dl of water, add the sugar, bring to the boil, cook 5 mn in order to acquire a light syrup. Add the refined zests and cook 5 mn, then reserve. Put the half in syrup of raspberries, bring to the boil, cook 3 mn, pour his contents into a strainer, crush raspberries with the back of a spoon to recover the juice and let get cold. Pour the whites of eggs into a salad bowl take them up in snow. Pour whipping cream into another salad bowl whip it and when it begins taking incorporate the cold juice of raspberry, then delicately whites in snow there. Divide this foam in glasses and put expenses in 1 hour. At the time of serving put down raspberries on the foam, add the zests of orange, powder the pink sugar and decorate citronella with a bite of verveine


4 pears, 1 litre of vanilla ice, 180g of lump sugar, 250g of cooking chocolate, 1 dl of liquid cream, 1 pod of vanilla, 1 lemon, some almonds. Pick pears and citronner. Prepare a syrup with ½ l of water, ½ lemon, vanilla and sugar. Poach pears in this syrup 25 - 30 mn. To break chocolate in pieces to put it to melt in the bath - marries to cream. Trim the bottom of 4 cups with bowls of ice, put down a pear over and glaze with well-blended chocolate. Decorate with sharpened almonds gilded in the oven.


Recipe Joêl Robuchon Pour 4 pers.25 g of angelica, to crack in straps then in small dices – 50 g of blended soft butter, to add 50 g of powder of penalty, 50 g of sugar, 2 yellow of eggs, to blend, to add 25 g of angelica. Preheat the oven in 200 °. 4 pears to be cracked in 2 as well as the pédoncule, hollow them out, not pick them. Trim pears and spread them (1 c in soup) put on plate, embed them with the kitchen foil. Rolled. 20 g of gables, 20 g of almonds sharpened to put on cream (10) to put in the oven 15 mn. Make a sauce cacao by boiling 12 cl of water add 25 frs of cacao, 40 g of sugar, blend, when the whole in boiled add 5 cl of liquid cream then small boiling. Suffer lukewarm.


1 kg of prunes, 125 g of prunes in pieces, 1 pt glass of rum, 500 g of chocolate, 20 g of butter, 40 g of cream, cacao. Cut up prunes 125g in small pieces make them mortify in some rum 1 h. Melt 500 g of chocolate with 2 c of milk. Out of fire incorporate 20 g of butter and 40 g of cream. Definitely move and incorporate the pieces of prunes. Leave a night in the fridge. The following day to stone 1 kg of prunes. Stick them with preparation, close again them and roll them in the powder of bitter cacao. Keep in the cool.


For pers 8 - 10. ½ l of white rum, ¼ of white wine of Alsace, 4 oranges, 2 lemons, 1 pod of vanilla, ½ bte of juice of pineapple, 250 g of sugar, 1 pineapple, 2 bananas, cinnamon, walnut of nutmeg. Pour rum and white wine in a container, express the juice of oranges and lemons, cut 4 ° in fine washers. Add the juice of pineapple and the sugar. Peel the pineapple and bananas and cut in pieces. Add vanilla, walnut of nutmeg and cinnamon. Keep in the cool.


For pers 4. 1c in coffee of salt - 100g of flour - 2c in soup of cream - 3 eggs - 3dl of milk (to heat up) - 10g of butter for the dish - 100g of Gruyère cheese or ham or other one. Blend in order then pour the scalding milk. Cook 40 mn in 175 °.


1 °) to Make a broken paste. Then preparation of cream with 200g of sugar, 2 eggs, 50g of well-blended butter, 3 lemon juices. Cook paste a bit before putting cream. Blend eggs and sugar, top up the well-blended butter and lemon juices. 2 °) Recipe Barber. Make a broken paste, in which they can put 1 whole egg and 1 c s of cream; for the decoration, 3 whole eggs, 1 yolk, 3 lemons, 2 oranges, 125g of sugar, 100g of butter, salt.. Cook 15 - 20 mn the bottom of pie. Press the juice of lemons and oranges, blend with the whisk the melted butter the sugar whole eggs and yellow. Put in the very hot oven during 10 mn then kiss and continue baking 25 mn.


1 °) For pers 6. 125 grs of flour 60 grs of butter mou-1 yellow of egg 1 pinch of salt. For the decoration. 250 grs of plain chocolate amer-150 grs of sugar 1 dl of liquid cream Possibly 80 grs of hazelnuts, 80 grs of walnut, 100 grs of almond.. Put the flour, add the butter, the sugar, the yolk, salt, 1 tablespoonful of water and mixer. Put bowl it 3 h in the fridge. Take out paste leave it at room temperature and display it. Pour cream into a saucepan, bring to the boil, add chocolate in pieces and let melt. When chocolate is melted, to withdraw it from some fire, to blend, then to let warm up and overturn on the pie. If mixture with dry fruits - Hack the dry fruits. To pour the sugar into a saucepan, to add 1 dl of water, to cook up to getting of a barely blonde caramel, to withdraw some fire, to pour the hacked dry fruits there, blend, to overturn on the bottom of pie and to display fast before chocolate. Baking 30 mn, oven th 7. 2 °) Recipe Robuchon. For paste, 150g of flour, 65g of butter, 60g of icing sugar, 3 yellow of eggs. For the decoration, 200g of raw chocolate in pâtisser, 150 g of liquid cream, 50cl of milk, 1 egg. Prepare paste by beating the butter and by beating the sugar, by beating the yellow of eggs, then by beating the flour without working too much, letting rest expenses 1 h in. Display paste in the mould, then let it rest the hour ½ in the fridge. To cook the bottom of pie 10 mn has 200 °. Boil cream and the milk, add chocolate in pieces, withdraw some fire and blend in the whisk to acquire a very smooth mass. Add then 1 beaten whole egg and good blend. Pour this preparation on the bottom of pie, cook 15 - 18 mn in an oven in 150 °. 3 °) Recipe Barber 400 g of sanded down paste, 300 g of chocolate in 60 % of tiny cacao. 30 cl of liquid cream, 30 g of butter. Display paste over 3 mm make darker a mould aboard right spread with butter. Prick the bottom and reserve expenses in; Preheat the oven in 170 °. Cover the paste of waxed paper, fill pulses, cook 15 mn. Withdraw the whole and cook 15 mn furthermore. Hack chocolate in the knife. Bring to the boil cream and pour it on chocolate in 3 steps, by blending. As soon as chocolate is melted and as soon as cream is bright and homogeneous, to add the butter in pts pieces. Blend. Turn out of the tin the bottom of pie, pour still hot cream there and let congeal 4 h in a cool place.


Recipe Mrs Bernigaud.1 whole egg, ½ l of cream, 1 pinch of leaven, flours, salt. Blend the egg with ¼ of cream, leaven, salt, add the flour, let rest. Put some cream and some sugar over. Put the hour in the oven ½.


250 g of sweet paste, 20 g of butter, 125g of cerneaux of walnut or 2 c in soup of paste of walnut, 125g of sugar, 2 eggs, decoration: 125 g of cerneaux of walnut, 125g of chocolate, 1 c in soup of paste of walnut or 3 c in soup of honey. Light the oven th.7. Display paste, prick the bottom: prepare the decoration, put the cerneaux of walnut in the bowl of a mixer, reduce them in fine powder. Break eggs in a bowl, pour the sugar, stink until mixture whitens, to add the powder of walnut and to blend. Divide the decoration in the mould, cook 20 mn. To break chocolate in pieces, to melt it in the bath - marries, to add the paste of walnut, to blend then to withdraw some fire. When pies cooked 20 mn, to withdraw them from the oven, to pour chocolate on the half of the pie, to wrong rest 10 mn to deposit the half of the cerneaux of walnut there. Decorate nets of chocolate of qq and let get cold before serving. Put down the cerneaux of walnut on the other party and glaze with honey at last instant.


Make a broken paste. Pour into a saucepan the juice of 2 not treated lemons, their rasped zest and 150 g of sugar, melt on gentle heat, add 100 g of butter in pieces and 2 eggs by whipping, 100 g of powder of almonds, let thicken without ceasing turning. To pour preparation in the bottom of pie precooks, to cover 16 peaches and nectarines in quarters; dredge with russet sugar. Put 30 mn in hot oven in 210 °. 


Make a paste broken with 250 g of flour 125 g of soft butter ½ glass of water and salt. Knead paste when everything is incorporated let it rest. 1 °) to Cook onions very slowly with some butter and a little water. Blend 3 eggs and 10 cl of cream, pepper-and-salt. Put in the oven. 2 °) 200g onions, to make go back to the butter without turning brown them. To blend with 250g of cream, 1 c s of flour, salt adds pepper and a net of vinegar.


Recipe Mrs Jullien. Make a paste broken with 250 g of flour, 100 g of butter, sugar, salt, 1 whole egg, ¼ of glass of water. For the decoration 500 g oranges, 300 g of sugar, 1 whole egg, 125 g of powder of almonds, 50 g of well-blended butter, 1 c of rum, 1 c of juice of oranges. Make broken paste. Beat the egg with 70 g of sugar, rum, the powder of almonds, the juice of orange, and the well-blended butter. Pour this cream on paste. Cook in medium oven. During this time, make a syrup with the rest of the sugar (230 g) and 2 glasses of water. Let boil qq instants and throw not peeled oranges cut in fine washers. Cook until they are definitely confites, to drain them. Make reduce a bit syrup, add 1 c of rum. Dispose edges on the cooled down pie and glaze with reduced syrup.


1 puff pastry, 200 g of prunes, 1 c in coffee of cinnamon in powder, 5 cl of rum, 1 yolk. The day before soak prunes in cold water with the cinnamon in powder. The same day to cook prunes in a little water during 30 mn. Drain them, stone them and delay them on gentle heat during 5 mn with the sugar and rum. Let get cold. Make darker the mould with paste fold up the edge by forming a blood sausage. Trim with prunes, dispose the twisted bands of paste over, whitewash them in the yolk and cook in 220 ° from 25 to 30 mn.


3 tr. of salmon, 2 or 3 eggs, 1 pt pot of cream, salt, pepper, rasped Gruyère cheese. Make a broken paste. In a container blend cream, eggs, pepper, salt. On paste put pieces of salmon, pour mixture and add the rasped Gruyère cheese. Put in the oven 20 - 25 mn (th 6).


350g of flour, 2 eggs, 1 zest of lemon, 200 g of butter, 30 g of sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 1 walnut of leaven of bakery. Decoration 150 g of butter, 50 g of sugar. Thin down leaven with 5 cl of lukewarm water (40 °). Shape the flour of well and put in it eggs, lemon, butter, sugar, salt. Blend then pour the leaven diluted well in some water. Work up to getting of a smooth paste. Let rest 1 hour. On the spread with butter and floured plate lower paste in a slim coat and trim it with some butter in ointment which they dredge with sugar. Cook in hot oven (th.8) 5) mn at the bottom of the oven, then 3 mn to caramelize the top of the plain round flat cake.


For the plain round flat cake in the butter, to blend 200g of flour, 1.5 egg, 50g of butter salt, adds pepper, a little water and baker's leaven. Let rest between 1 h and 2 h. Trim of 70g of butter cut in pieces, dredge with sugar. Put in the oven in 280 ° or 300 ° during 1mn on the bottom and 2 - 3 mn in the grillroom. For the plain round flat cake in cream replace 70 g of butter with a mixture of 150g of cream, 20g of sugar and a little essence of lemon. Even conditions of baking.


Recipe Barber. Make a broken paste then, put 200g of sugar and 3 c. in s. of water, bring to the boil, cook until the sugar begins browning, adding 125g of butter and blending. Pour this caramel on the bottom of mould. Put the quarters of apple on the caramel gripped well, rounded side downwards, dredge with a sachet or 2 of the vanilla sugar. Put in the oven, cook 1 h, then withdraw them, let them warm up 15 mn. Put down the paste broken on apples. Delay the pie in the oven and cook 20 - 25 mn. Take out the pie, let warm up 15 mn turn it on the dish of service. They can accompany with whipped cream.


Make a broken paste. Then display paste, cover it with mustard, then divide a good coat of crumbled tuna, cover washers of tomatoes, add some cream and some Gruyère cheese.


For 10 truffles 125g of chocolate, 3 c in soup of water, 75 g of butter, 1 yolk, 1 c in soup of icing sugar, 2 c in coffee of cacao, 1 glass thoroughly rounded up. (See chocolate cake also) melt chocolate, add the butter, the yolk, icing sugar. Move mixture out of fire. Put in the refrigerator, then manufacture, in cacao by agitating the glass.

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